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Acana Dog -  Classic Red Meat Recipe 9,7 Kg
-5 %
Brand: ACANA Model: ACDRDCRE1140
All modern dogs evolved from the grey wolf, and their anatomy remains the same, requiring the same protein-rich diet as their ancestors. ACANA Classic..
66.35 CHF 69.90 CHF
Ex Tax:64.67 CHF
Iso-dog Essential Sensitive Lamb All Breeds 14kg
-30 %
Brand: Iso-Dog Model: 1639EMP14
Iso-dog Essential Adult Sensitive is a balanced quality complete food for all dogs with a sensitive digestive system. Iso-dog Essential Adult Sensitiv..
52.35 CHF 74.90 CHF
Ex Tax:51.02 CHF
Royal Canin FHN Sterilised 10kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 2221
After your cat has been neutered, a change of diet may be required to ensure that the nutrients it consumes supports its somewhat altered energy needs..
86.20 CHF 107.90 CHF
Ex Tax:84.02 CHF
Disugual Dog Adult D-Day Beef 400gr
-21 %
Brand: Disugual Model: DDDC402
Complete food for adult dogs of all sizesDisugual D-Day is a complete food for adult dogs of all sizes.The product is prepared with 96% meat and fish,..
1.65 CHF 2.10 CHF
Ex Tax:1.61 CHF
Disugual Dog Adult Medium Lamb 12 Kg.
Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Disugual Model: DRYCA207
Complete Food for Dogs Adults of medium size with age from 1 to 12 years oldComposition:Processed lamb protein (min. 21%), white sorghum, peas, rice, ..
61.80 CHF
Ex Tax:60.23 CHF
 Royal Canin FBN British Shorthair 4kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 1754
British shorthair cats over 12 months old.ROYAL CANIN® British Shorthair Adult is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your Adult Br..
55.05 CHF 68.90 CHF
Ex Tax:53.66 CHF
Acana Dog - Classics Wild Coast Recipe 14,5 Kg - Breeder Bag
-5 %
Brand: ACANA Model: ACDRDWCO1700
All dogs require a diet that is rich in protein and nutrients from animal ingredients, like fish.ACANA Wild Coast is loaded with nourishing protein an..
104.85 CHF 110.50 CHF
Ex Tax:102.19 CHF
Royal Canin FCN Hairball Care 2kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 2072
Helps reduce hairball reduction from 1 - 7 years.Cats often spend large parts of its day self-grooming, and can therefore swallow large quantities of ..
31.10 CHF 38.90 CHF
Ex Tax:30.31 CHF
Royal Canin SHN Mini Ageing 12+ 3.5kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 4533
For small dogs up to 10 kg. From 12 years oldSuitable for small breed dogs over 12 years old that weigh up to 10kg, ROYAL CANIN® Mini Ageing 12+ is sp..
34.30 CHF 42.90 CHF
Ex Tax:33.43 CHF
 Royal Canin FBN  Norwegian 10kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 1781
Norwegian Forest cat over 12 months old.ROYAL CANIN® Norwegian Forest Cat Adult food is formulated with the specific needs of the Norwegian Forest bre..
101.40 CHF 126.90 CHF
Ex Tax:98.83 CHF
Scratcher Big Boy 1, beige 80h cm
-10 %
Brand: Banzai-JO Model: 8027-4
Heavy base plate. Borders made of plush.Sisal trunk 19 cm, height 80cm, beige.Up to max. 12 kg..
89.80 CHF 99.90 CHF
Ex Tax:83.07 CHF
Brand: Banzai-JO Model: Q480-S
Hundespielzeug lustiger Esel S..
8.85 CHF
Ex Tax:8.19 CHF
Viking Rabbit Ears 100g
Brand: Viking Model: VK0716
7.10 CHF
Ex Tax:6.92 CHF
Farmina N&D Prime Kitten Chicken & Pomegranate 10kg
Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Farmina Model: HE612255
High-quality complete cereal-free feed for growing cats N&D Prime is the line of natural products, without cereals, scientifically produced for d..
109.90 CHF
Ex Tax:107.12 CHF
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