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Brand: Gill's Model: C3052366
Odour absorbers for closed toilets, made with filters composed of non-toxic material. Eliminates odours of faeces and urine from the toilet and surrounding environment...
6.40 CHF
Ex Tax:5.92 CHF
Brand: Leopet Model: IC767837
Natural and biological liquid formulation, with a bacterial enzymatic base, 100% active for the digestion, neutralization and organic residue elimination, that instantly removes odours. Compound without any fragrance added. Bacterial count: U.f.c.: 625.000.000/ml (natural bacillus, non-pathogenic, n..
13.50 CHF
Ex Tax:12.49 CHF
Brand: Leopet Model: 25110068
Made of recycled and organic post-consumer materials.Mixcycling materials are composed of ORGANIC fibres recycled from agro-industrial waste processing Colour: assorted coloursDimensions Litter: 43x31x12h cmDimensions Bowl: Ø17 cm - 0,38 LDimensions Scoop: 27x9x3,5h cm..
19.90 CHF
Ex Tax:18.41 CHF
Brand: Banzai-KM Model: SA3352
Bag IT UP Jumbo 12 Toilettenbeutel..
10.50 CHF
Ex Tax:9.71 CHF
Brand: Banzai-DA Model: 405252
Katzenstreu-Frischezusatz    ..
10.90 CHF
Ex Tax:10.08 CHF
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