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Brand: Leopet Model: IC767899
Water-based solution of deterrent essence, that protects the house and avoids any damage to the domestic environments, preventing dogs and cats from scratching carpets, furniture, sofas, plants, cars, wardrobes, etc. Can also be used outdoors...
13.50 CHF
Ex Tax:12.49 CHF
Brand: Leopet Model: IC767875
Specific liquid product, hygienic trainer for dogs and cats. Ideal both for indoor and outdoor areas, to be used especially during training to teach your puppy or kitten where to do their needs...
11.00 CHF
Ex Tax:10.18 CHF
Brand: Professional Pets Model: ACCA008
GUARD FOR POTS AND GARDENS BY DOGS AND CATSDOES NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENTPROFESSIONAL PETS Disabituante in Crystal Gel is a specific product for external use to ward off dogs and cats from pots, planters and gardens. The fragrant essence which is released from the crystals contains..
12.00 CHF
Ex Tax:11.10 CHF
Brand: Gill's Model: C3052376
2.45 CHF
Ex Tax:2.27 CHF
Brand: Gill's Model: C3052964
Attractive, tension-relieving spray for cats. Your cat will be playful for about 20 minutes, then more relaxed...
10.30 CHF
Ex Tax:9.53 CHF
Brand: Gill's Model: C3052062
Get away animals from inappropriate places. Prevent that they bite and damage furniture. Safe for animals...
12.15 CHF
Ex Tax:11.24 CHF
Brand: Gill's Model: C3052064
Get away cats from inappropriate places. Prevent that they scratch and damage furniture. Do not to vaporize directly on the animal...
13.40 CHF
Ex Tax:12.40 CHF
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