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Lifedog Biscuits Bones 500g

Natural biscuits shaped as bones. They are baked and prepared following a light recipe, with a unique and fragrant aroma. Made only with vegetable ingredients, free from meat, fish or bone meal, and with no added sugars. The biscuits are kneaded using margarine instead of lard, as it is commonly done for other dogs biscuits, making them leaner and with 25% less fat.

To be used as a snack or reward during walks and workouts. Life Dog Natural Biscuits are ideal for a light snack, without the risk of unbalancing the dog's diet.

  • only vegetable ingredients
  • without meat or fish meal
  • with no added sugar or yeast
  • with margarine (instead of lard, commonly used)
  • with 25% less fat



corn flour, plain wheat flour, wheat bran, margarine, salt, vegetables. 


Analytical constituents: 

protein 7%, fat content 6,9%, crude fibre 7%, crude ash 2%, moisture 9%. Complementary food for dogs. 





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