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Brand: Gimpet Model: 402109
Taurine is an essential nutrient for cats to maintain healthy heart function and vision. Since cats cannot produce enough taurine by themselves, it must be taken in with food. The GimCat Taurine Paste Extra with the “Taurine Support Formula” ensures a sufficient supply of taurine. The combination of..
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Brand: Bogar Model: 3970
Changes in the social environment (moving, new animals, etc.) lead to stress. This, in turn, can result in anxiety, marking, aggression or hyperactivity. The Relax formula with magnesium, selected B vitamins, hops and melissa relaxes your cat in stressful situations, while tryptophan has a..
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bogavital® SHINY COAT FORTE Cat  84 g. 120 Tabs
Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Bogar Model: 3969
Intensive cure with high-dose biotin, along with vitamin A and C, supports keratin and collagen formation and regulates coat shedding. Yeast, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, copper and selenium nourish and regenerate skin and hair and strengthen claws.Content: 84g/120 Tabs ..
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Brand: Gimpet Model: 407029
GimCat Malt-Soft Paste Extra contains a unique anti-hairball complex that has a double effect. The combination of malt extract, high-quality oils and fibre helps swallowed hair to pass through the body naturally and reduces formation of more hairballs. In addition, it also helps to prevent digestive..
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Brand: Gimpet Model: 401324
mit Omega 3/6 und Zink..
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Brand: Banzai-DA Model: 604113
& kleine Hunde Pumpflasche auf Deu & Fra..
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Brand: Trixie Model: T4225
ground plant parts from Nepeta catariainvigoratingwith long-lasting scentContents/Weight: 20 g..
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