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Brand: Rogz Model: 012.203.CD
25.90 CHF
Ex Tax:23.96 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: D217491BLE
Squeeze the bottle and the bowl fills with water. Ideal for walks, fits in the bottle holder. Dimensions: 22 x 10.5 cm - 500 mlColour: Blue..
10.90 CHF
Ex Tax:10.08 CHF
Brand: Hunter Model: 64504
Silicone, dishwasher-safe, with extra high rim to keep fluids from spilling. Colour: BlackDimensions: 60x40cm..
38.40 CHF
Ex Tax:35.52 CHF
Brand: Hunter Model: 65149
Melamine case, stainless steel dish removable, indicates the feeding time, non-slip bottom, dishwasher-safe. Colour: BlackDimensions: 150ml..
34.00 CHF
Ex Tax:31.45 CHF
Model: C6060889
The Aqua Fountain takes care of the well-being of cats and small dogs. Your pet will always have a source of fresh, clean water, and will be more stimulated to drink, keeping hydrated and promoting the overall health of the body. The modern design makes Aqua suitable for any interior. Equipped with ..
97.00 CHF
Ex Tax:89.73 CHF
Model: C6060638
Made of silicone, waterproof, easy to clean, also dishwasher safe. Non-slip on both bottom and top surface: also suitable for dogs and cats who use to push and move their bowls while eating. Large rectangular surface: perfect with the Aqua fountain, two small/medium sized bowls or one large bowl. Ne..
17.50 CHF
Ex Tax:16.19 CHF
Place mat, vinyl, 48 × 30 cm, transparent
Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Trixie Model: T24565
·      PVC·      Non-slip Colour: TransparentDimensions: 48 × 30 cm..
5.80 CHF
Ex Tax:5.37 CHF
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Bowls + feeders

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