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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100900
AktivDog Salmon Oil from Swiss Salmon is a supplementary feed. Your dog receives an optimal supply, for healthy skin and a shiny coat, with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as vitamin E. The natural DHA and EPA content promotes blood flow to the brain and thus brain performance.Long-term use ..
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Brand: Salmoil Model: HE613106
Linseaoil Ricetta 3, composed only by vegetal origins ingredients, can be used as Omega3 source both in exclusion diet for animals with intolerance/allergy to animal proteins and in industrial or home-made veggie diets. Linseaoil Ricetta 3 used daily:·      Keeps h..
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Brand: Salmoil Model: HE613100
Other than being a natural source of Omega 3 from the purest Norwegian Salmoil Oil, Salmoil Ricetta 1 is enriched with vitamin E, beta-carotene, Zinc glycinate and mix of raw materials and vegetable extracts (with antioxidant activity) rich in rosemary. Salmoil Ricetta 1 used daily:·  ..
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Brand: Salmoil Model: HE613103
Main feature of Salmoil ricetta 2 is the double source of Omega3.In addition to salmon oil, recipe 2 is added with krill which provide high availability Omega 3 fatty acids thanks to their peculiar chemical structure.Salmoil ricetta 2 is also enriched with vitamin E and polyphenols (with antioxidant..
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Brand: Salmoil Model: HE613109
The Salmoil Ricetta 4 is also called INDOOR because it is dedicated to animals living in apartment or in any case in close contact with their human family.The synergy of the beneficial properties of the various components of Salmoil Ricetta 4 allows to reduce bad breath (thanks to the seaweed Ascoph..
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Brand: Salmoil Model: HE613113
Salmoil Ricetta 6 main feature is presence of ingredients useful for well-being and joint good function.This effect is achieved by the synergy between the soothing action of Boswelia and Devil’s Claw extracts, the support to the joint metabolism provided by the nutrients present in the green lipped ..
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Brand: Anibio Model: 595090
Erg?nzungsfutter f..
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Brand: Anibio Model: 595065
Zur Stärkung der nervlichen Belastbarkeit bei:Angstzuständen, Reise, Transport, Gewitter und Lärm..
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Brand: Banzai-AL Model: 3921
Lupo Derm Haut-&Haarkur..
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Brand: Trixie Model: T2578
supports the natural immune systemvitamins of the B complex promote metabolism and help to produce a beautiful coatContents/Weight: 100 g..
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