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Terms & Conditions

1. Validity of the conditions
Deliveries, services and offers from Banzai.chwill occur only on the basis of the present conditions of sale. Byordering goods or by paying for service, the customer acknowledges tohave read all the information provided during the purchase procedure andaccepts the general conditions and payment conditions described below.
2. Prices
Theeffective prices are those quoted in our confirmation of order. Pricesare set at the time of the order for the items in stock. In case ofout-of-stock items or special order items, the valid price will be thaton the day of the order.
The prices include IVA [VAT].
3. Product Return
Itis the responsibility of the customer to verify the items upon deliveryand to forward reserves and complaints in case of errors ornon-compliance.

Reserves and complaints must beaddressed to us by e-mail immediately after receipt and the items mustbe returned to us no later than 14 days after their receipt. It istherefore necessary to check carefully the package received and, ifdamaged or ruined, immediately notify also the post-office or courierthat did the delivery.

a) Shipping costs for items you intend to return for reasons not attributable to us are generally borne by the customer.
b) Shipping costs to return items received damaged or erroneous due to a mistake by are normally borne by
Theitems to be returned must be complete and in the original packaging,with all its parts (including packaging, documentation and accessories).The shipment is under the responsibility of the customer until thereceipt of the package in our warehouse.
Attention, it is no longer possible to return special order items.
Reimbursement shall be by item exchange or credit.
4. Product Availability
Banzai.chwill inform the client if at the time of the confirmation of order, itis found out that one or more products are not readily available. Inthis case the customer is entitled to cancel the order completely or toaccept a partial delivery of the order. The shipping of partialdeliveries shall be borne by
If was not able toprovide the products due to non-delivery from the supplier/manufacturer, may decide to cancel the order completely or to propose analternative article.
5. Warranty
Theproducts are guaranteed under the conditions of the manufacturer. Incase of product defects we can decide at our discretion whether torepair or replace the product. The warranty will be void if themanufacturer's instructions regarding the use and maintenance of theproduct were not followed or if alterations were made, or parts werechanged, or in case of erroneous use that does not correspond to theoriginal specifications, or in case of interventions by third parties.
6. Retention of property rights
The items remain the exclusive property of until full payment by the purchaser.
7. Law and Jurisdiction
Swisslaw is applicable for all disputes directly or indirectly arisingbetween seller and buyer regarding the interpretation and/or executionof these conditions of sale, and the sole jurisdiction is Lugano.Although not expressly indicated in these conditions, the legislationexpressed by art. 184 ssgg. of the Swiss Code of Obligations isapplicable.
(This English traduction of the conditions is providedhere for convenience, however the Italian version is the one applicablein case of dispute)

Valid from 01.10.2018

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