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Enova Lifetime Maintenance Adult 12 kg
-15 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS625
ENOVA LIFETIME MAINTENANCE is the maintenance food suitable for all adult dogs, which does not compromise on the quality of ingredients and nutritional performance.Chicken and eggs provide highly digestible proteins rich in essential amino acids, ideal for maintaining a dry and quick musculatur..
44.60 CHF 52.50 CHF
Ex Tax:43.47 CHF
Enova Mono Line Chicken 12 kg
-15 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS 620
All the digestibility and richness of chicken contained in a formula that represents an updated classic that never goes out of fashion. Precisely because of its qualities, this recipe is preferred not only as a daily maintenance suitable for all adult dogs, but also as a nutritional choice of choice..
52.20 CHF 61.50 CHF
Ex Tax:50.88 CHF
Enova Mono Line Fish 12 kg
-15 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS 621
La ricetta al The fish recipe of the ENOVA MONO range combines in itself many nutritional properties that are very useful in particular for those subjects who have skin problems (spots, dandruff, oxidation, excessive hair loss, itching, etc. ...): animal proteins alone fish, optimal ratio of fatty a..
59.40 CHF 70.00 CHF
Ex Tax:57.89 CHF
Enova Mono Line Lamb 12 kg
-15 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS 623
The nutritional characteristics of the lamb - in particular its richness in essential amino acids and iron - are unique and give this recipe almost curative properties in terms of tolerability on the part of individuals who show adverse reactions to food. The formula is also suitable for all adult d..
63.70 CHF 75.05 CHF
Ex Tax:62.09 CHF
Enova Omega Formula Line 12 kg
-15 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS 611
The high inclusions of fish ingredients (52%) guarantee quality protein supplies and high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, nutritional elements whose beneficial effect on skin, hair and inflammatory processes are now well known.Thanks to its high calorie and high quality animal protein content, ENOVA ..
73.50 CHF 86.55 CHF
Ex Tax:71.64 CHF
Enova Simple Formula Line 12 kg
-15 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS 610
Thanks to its high calorie and high quality animal protein content, ENOVA SIMPLE fully meets the nutritional needs of active adult dogs, as well as puppies, puppies and lactating bitches. It is also a perfect maintenance food for all adult dogs whose owners want only the best for their darling! ..
59.90 CHF 70.55 CHF
Ex Tax:58.38 CHF
Enova Tris Formula Line 12 kg
-25 %
Brand: Enova Model: CS 612
ENOVA TRIS Formula contains a 50% full of three different white meats (rabbit, pork and duck) normally very well tolerated, even by subjects who are very "difficult" in terms of nutrition. The formula, free of cereals and potatoes - the other main ingredients suspected for food intole..
59.90 CHF 79.55 CHF
Ex Tax:58.38 CHF
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