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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100100
AktivDog Beef is the tasty complete food for all dog breeds and age categories, gently produced with lots of Swiss beef. The food is supplemented with corn flakes, carrots and fruity apple pieces, Swiss rapeseed oil and linseed. Thanks to the gentle production process, the food is easy to digest and..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100200
The best Swiss poultry meat, balanced regional ingredients and gentle processing: AktivDog Poultry is the ideal complete food for dogs with sensitive digestion. AktivDog Poultry is low in gluten. Grain-free and monoprotein food.AktivDog Poultry is a very digestible complete food for all dogs, from p..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100400
AktivDog Duck with Rice and Apple is made from the finest Swiss duck meat from the Appelnzell region, combined with balanced ingredients and gentle processing.The food contains no carophyll and is therefore particularly suitable for dogs with white fur. Completely without additives and flavour enhan..
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Aktivdog horse with potatoes 500 gr.
Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100500
The best Swiss horse meat, balanced regional ingredients and gentle processing: AktivDog Horse with Sweet Potato is a digestible complete food, especially suitable for sensitive dogs of all ages. Grain-free and monoprotein foodAktivDog Horse with Sweet Potato is a digestible complete food especially..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100300
AktivDog 100% Salmon consists of pure Swiss salmon, cooked in its own juice. The whole animal is processed just as it is found in nature. Completely without preservatives and flavour enhancers. It is a supplementary feed! This variety is a monoprotein food and is both gluten-free and grain-free.The ..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100900
AktivDog Salmon Oil from Swiss Salmon is a supplementary feed. Your dog receives an optimal supply, for healthy skin and a shiny coat, with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as vitamin E. The natural DHA and EPA content promotes blood flow to the brain and thus brain performance.Long-term use ..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 100600
AktivDog Everything from sheep stands out because the whole animal is processed in the food without bones. The sheep all come from CH pasture farming! AktivDog All Sheep is a monoprotein and gluten-free food. Gluten-free and monoprotein foodAktivDog All Sheep is characterised by the fact that the wh..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 10310
AktivDog Puppy Food is suitable for puppies from the 3rd-9th week of life as a complete food. Chicken breast, yoghurt with 10% fat and fresh free-range eggs are included as a first-class protein source. A few carrots and potatoes as well as some rapeseed oil complete the mixture. The food is finely ..
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Brand: Aktivdog Model: 10410
AktivDog Schonkost is a very digestible complete food for sensitive dogs with kidney and urinary tract problems, from young to senior dogs. The main ingredients are lots of fresh Swiss turkey meat and free-range eggs. Corn flakes are included as a filling supplement, as well as carrots. Apple pieces..
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