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Aktivdog duck, rice and apple 500 gr.

AktivDog Duck with Rice and Apple is made from the finest Swiss duck meat from the Appelnzell region, combined with balanced ingredients and gentle processing.The food contains no carophyll and is therefore particularly suitable for dogs with white fur. Completely without additives and flavour enhancers.

AktivDog Duck with Rice and Apple is a digestible complete food suitable for dogs of all ages. The food contains no carophyll, so that the coat colour remains beautifully white and is particularly suitable for dogs with white coats. The variety consists of over 50% free-range Swiss duck (Appenzeller duck). In addition to the high meat content, we also add rice and apple pieces. Thanks to the gentle production process, the food is easy to digest. Conveniently packed in a 5 x 500g box.



Duck meat 52%, apple pieces (24%), rice (17%), apple pomace (3%), premix for dogs (2%), linseed (1%) and calcium carbonate (1%).


The following data per kg of feed

Energy value: 8,0 MJ

Energy from carbohydrates 2,75 MJ

Crude protein: 114,5 g

Crude fat: 168,8 g

Crude fibre: 11,6 g

Dry matter: 45

Crude ash: 29,2 g

Vit.A: 2400 i.E.

Vit.D3: 320 i.E.

Vit. E: 32 i.E.

Cu: Max. 0,03

Ca: 10,2 g

P: 5,1 g

Ca/P: 1,9/1,0


Due to the gentle processing, AktivDog food is particularly easy to digest. We do not use any additives such as flavour enhancers, preservatives, colourings or antioxidants. As a result, the food is eaten with great pleasure by all dogs. The practically portionable food is hygienically packaged and can be kept unrefrigerated for at least 6 months. With every order, we include keep-fresh lids, which can be used to reseal an already opened package easily, cleanly and scent-neutrally.


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