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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 39876
It's the tasty sticks with the meat that drive all cats crazy. It consists of more than 95% smokeless skinless meat and fish, with lots of vitamins and valuable minerals. Practical pack of 3 sticks each packaged individually.Available in 7 appetizing variations. 6 x 18 g...
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 39316
Crispy snacks with creamy filling that drives cats crazy. Available in Classic, Healty and Superfood versions, rich in nutrients with health benefits and without cereals, particularly suitable for cats with food sensitivity.Crispy Crunch turkey and chia: chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatt..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 31500
For dwarf rabbits - Adult Suitable for adult dwarf rabbits up to 5 years old. Made from the finest ingredients: tasty endive, crunchy carrots and Timothy hay rich in raw cellulose. Its reduced calcium content helps prevent the formation of urinary stones...
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 25277
·      Mixture of tree bark, softwood chips, moss and pine needles.·      As a supplement to conventional bedding.·      Ideal for dwarf rabbits, also suitable for mice, rats and squirrels. Content 10 L..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 39399
Discover Meat, the treat with the real taste of meat·      Premium quality meat snack·      100% meat from muscle·      A mouth-watering smell and irresistible tasteNatural recipe with no cereals, added sugars,..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 25225
·      Natural product made of untreated softwood, 100 % compostable.·      Absorbent and odour-binding.·      Low in dust and irritants.·      Pressed - practical for transport an..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 25337
Original Vitakraft Kräcker® sind purer Geschmack und artgerechte Beschäftigung in einem. Denn an den knusprigen Knabberstangen müssen sich die Meerschweinchen ihr Futter selbst erarbeiten!Für einfach mehr Abwechslung sind in dieser Packung gleich drei verschiedene Sorten&nbs..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 25036
·      Natural product made of untreated softwood, 100 % compostable.·      Absorbent and odour-binding.·      Low in dust and irritants.·      Pressed - practical for transport an..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 23007
Small appetizers - great in taste! Just like the popular Beef-Stick® Original, the beef-portioned Beef-Stick® pieces offer everything a dog's heart desires: delicious smell, extra meat and a unique, hearty taste. Packed in a resealable bag - ideal for on the go!With beefExtra high meat content of 94..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 28804
The Beef Stick® Low Fat is the perfect pampering snack for dogs with weight problems. It contains 20% less fat than e.g. our Beef Stick Beef and also actively supports fat burning with L-Carnitine. High-quality proteins from lean turkey meat ensure a balanced supply of nutrients - and the best: The ..
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Brand: Vitakraft Model: 23147
A Vitakraft Beef Stick® simply makes every dog's heart beat faster! The original among the meat sticks convinced large and small four-legged friends alike - by the unique, savory taste, the absolutely delicious smell and an extra high meat content. Perfect for pampering, rewarding or simply for the ..
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