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Oasy - Vegetable Litter for Cats - Barley and Neem 6lt/2,4kg

Made in Italy from barley scraps, this litter contains Neem, a natural repellent that helps protect your cat and your home against parasite infestation.


  • Maximum odour control
  • Clumping
  • 100% biodegradable
  • The unique and patented cat litter with neem


Learn more about neem

The neem, the sacred tree of India

Neem is a completely natural substance, known for centuries and used all over the world for its pesticide properties.

Early Sanskrit medical writings report the benefits of Neem's fruits, seeds, leaves, roots and bark, which is why it is called the "Village Pharmacy".

Research has shown that Neem has the widest range of uses than any other plant: it has been widely used for many centuries in remedies for the health of both humans and animals, in cosmetics, agriculture, pest control and industry.


Hated by pests and insects

The inhabitants of India have known for a long time that Neem leaves keep pests and insects away: for this reason they put Neem leaves in beds, in wardrobes, in containers.

Researchers have since learned that Neem is effective against over 200 species of insects, as well as parasites, mites, fungi, bacteria and even viruses. This fantastic tree uses its active ingredients and modulates them according to the needs dictated by the climate and the parasites that would like to attack it. The action as a natural shield is due in particular to azadirachtin, a substance present in the seeds.

It has been shown that a small amount of this active ingredient prevents the parasites from reproducing and promotes their removal.

The repellent action against insects and parasites allows you to obtain the same result as if you were using an excellent but toxic insecticide, without having to suffer any side effects. Incorporating Neem powder during the processing of the litter, you get a product that combines the typical function of absorbing, also that of natural pesticide. Oasy is the only litter tray on the market containing Neem, to help protect cats and the home from insects and parasites.

Avalble in: 6 Lt


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