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Lifecat sticks chicken and duck 15g (3x5g)

Lifecat sticks chicken and duck 15g (3x5g)
Lifecat sticks chicken and duck 15g (3x5g)
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Deli Snack stick are a genuine snack with a rustic flavour, ideal to makehappy our cats. The sticks are baked and present no addedsugars, making them a light and tasty snack that can be offered without therisk of unbalancing the cat's diet.

Duck meat is very tasty and flavourful, while chicken meat is light andfree from fats. The combination of the two, provides a product perfectly balancedon taste and lightness. There are no added dyes, preservatives or additives.



Meats and derivatives (of which 6% chicken and6% duck), Mineral substances.

Analytical components

proteins 33.5%, raw oils and fats 20%, rawfiber 2%, crude ash 10%, humidity 28%.


Technological additives: antioxidants andpreservatives

Recommended doses

To serve as a snack in addition to meals, upto 1 - 2 sticks a day. Always leave freshwater available.


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