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Brand: FOP Model: 35150070
Bat House is a nest for bats Line Nature made entirely of wood. An adult bat gets to devour up to 2000 mosquitoes every night. Thanks to this nest for bats positioned in the right way, we can free ourselves definitively from the pesky insects.A good result of the bat-house depends on the installatio..
54.15 CHF
Ex Tax:50.09 CHF
Brand: FOP Model: 25621070
Kennel for dogs in varnished pinewood.Tequila, a safe and comfortable shelter for your 4-legged friends.Ben raised for added insulation from the ground, thanks to waterproof non-slip feet. The whole of the shelter structure is characterized by a high degree of impermeability: the roof is covered by ..
171.55 CHF
Ex Tax:158.70 CHF
Brand: FOP Model: 25410070
Measurements:54 x 38,5 x 38 cm activated carbon odour filter..
23.90 CHF
Ex Tax:22.11 CHF
Brand: FOP Model: 25400070
Cat toilet with activated carbon filter.Joy Cat is a cat toilet, from modern colors. The lid, with integrated handle, secured to the base by pressure joints, perfect mix between security and ease of use.Joy Cat is equipped with anti-odor carbon filter and front overhead door.Thanks to the compl..
28.00 CHF
Ex Tax:25.90 CHF
Brand: FOP Model: 25150070
Litter box for cats.The litter box is an accessory that can not miss if you have a cat in the house. W-Cat is a litter box for cats with anti-low dirt edge.Available in different colors, with light gray removable board. Ideal for kittens, elderly or sick cats and all cats who do not like the toilet ..
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Ex Tax:11.66 CHF
Brand: FOP Model: 40127070
Confezione con 2 Filtri Joy Cat..
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Brand: FOP Model: 25880082
Multifunction bowl eat & drink.Innovative multifunctional dispenser for dogs and cats. Thanks to the particular design of the tank, can be used both as a bowl for the food and as a water bowl.easy and safe assembly system, thanks to the two side hooks for closing the tank. Other features include..
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Brand: FOP Model: 25040070
27 X 3,5..
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Brand: FOP Model: 25980070
diam. 13 x 3,5..
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Brand: FOP Model: 25872070
Bowls stainless steel with anti-soiling support.Potty, anti-dirty bowls for support. The wide base with raised edges supports the two bowls and allows to contain the food that fuorisce from the bowl. After the meal, the base can be easily cleaned.The presence of two bowls is ideal for putting in del..
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Ex Tax:23.22 CHF
Brand: FOP Model: 61006170
Fence for rabbits and guinea pigs, ideal for outdoor spaces. Excellent for the freedom of our friends, with particular attention to their safety.The basic configuration consists of 4 panels, but the enclosure for rabbits can be expanded at will. It can also be combined with our rabbit hutches Outdoo..
117.75 CHF
Ex Tax:108.93 CHF
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