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Brand: Dejac Model: B5630-P
Bulk concept Candy. Pack of 20 pcs..
5.90 CHF
Ex Tax:5.75 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: D218628
Can be used as a simple carry bag or as a tent when opened. Dimensions Closed: 45 x 25 x 28 cmDimensions Open: 75 x 67 x 28 cm..
89.00 CHF
Ex Tax:82.33 CHF
Cat Scratcher Rectangle Mat, grey 60x38cm
-10 %
Brand: Dejac Model: D216295GRI
Scratch table. Natural claw care. Colour: GreyDimensions: 60x38cm..
16.10 CHF 17.90 CHF
Ex Tax:14.89 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: R14019
19.90 CHF
Ex Tax:18.41 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: B516-P
Bulk concept Candy. Pack of 20 pcs..
2.90 CHF
Ex Tax:2.83 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: B517-P
Bulk concept Candy. Pack of 20 pcs..
6.90 CHF
Ex Tax:6.73 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: 47093
Bumper designed to let your dog breathe freely when running with the toy in his mouth. Dimensions: 21.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm..
24.90 CHF
Ex Tax:23.03 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: D215201
Fun fabric toys with a 100% natural dried calf hoof, attached with a cord. Integrated squeaker. Dimensions: 25 x 11 x 5.3 cm..
10.90 CHF
Ex Tax:10.08 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: LTX-006
Latex squeaker toy, floats on water. Dimensions: 16 x 5.5 x 11.5 cmColour: Orange..
9.90 CHF
Ex Tax:9.16 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: PET30005
The Fire Hose Fetch is made from fire hose material, making it very durable. The fire hose material is designed to resist abrasion. So this toy will be your dog's favourite for years to come! The tightly woven canvas shell and soft rubber inside make this toy ideal for fetching. It's easy to throw a..
17.90 CHF
Ex Tax:16.56 CHF
Brand: Dejac Model: M73120
Made of natural rubber, biodegradable, extremely resistant and mouldable, CE & FDA certified.Floats on the water.Colour: BlueSize: 10 cm..
14.90 CHF
Ex Tax:13.78 CHF
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