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Acana Dog -  Classic Red Meat Recipe 9,7 Kg
-5 %
Brand: ACANA Model: ACDRDCRE1140
All modern dogs evolved from the grey wolf, and their anatomy remains the same, requiring the same protein-rich diet as their ancestors. ACANA Classic..
66.35 CHF 69.90 CHF
Ex Tax:64.67 CHF
Iso-dog Essential Sensitive Lamb All Breeds 14kg
-30 %
Brand: Iso-Dog Model: 1639EMP14
Iso-dog Essential Adult Sensitive is a balanced quality complete food for all dogs with a sensitive digestive system. Iso-dog Essential Adult Sensitiv..
52.35 CHF 74.90 CHF
Ex Tax:51.02 CHF
Disugual Dog Adult D-Day Beef 400gr
-21 %
Brand: Disugual Model: DDDC402
Complete food for adult dogs of all sizesDisugual D-Day is a complete food for adult dogs of all sizes.The product is prepared with 96% meat and fish,..
1.65 CHF 2.10 CHF
Ex Tax:1.61 CHF
Oasy cat Adult chunks in gravy Lamb 85gr
-10 %
Brand: Oasy Model: OAWCAAGB0085
Tender morsels with lamb to delight your adult cat every day. Food made with plenty of animal protein and produced without added gluten, artificial fl..
0.90 CHF 1.00 CHF
Ex Tax:0.88 CHF
Lifecat sticks chicken and duck 15g (3x5g)
-33 %
Brand: Life Model: 50005
Deli Snack stick are a genuine snack with a rustic flavour, ideal to makehappy our cats. The sticks are baked and present no added ..
1.00 CHF 1.50 CHF
Ex Tax:0.97 CHF
Oasy One Animal Protein dry dog Adult Medium/Large Pork 12kg
-5 %
Brand: Oasy Model: OADODALM1200A
With 48% pork, the only source of protein, it is the ideal dry food for all adult dogs, especially those with food intolerances, skin or intestinal se..
56.85 CHF 59.90 CHF
Ex Tax:55.41 CHF
Acana Dog - Singles Grass-Fed Lamb 11,4 Kg
-5 %
Brand: ACANA Model: ACDRDGLA1140
ACANA Grass-Fed Lamb is a limited-ingredient food containing 50% lamb, a single, easily digestible animal protein that is ideal for dogs with food sen..
90.65 CHF 95.50 CHF
Ex Tax:88.35 CHF
Oasy One Animal Protein dry dog Adult Medium/Large Rabbit 12kg
-5 %
Brand: Oasy Model: OADODALC1200A
With 48% Rabbit, the only protein source, it is the ideal dry food for all adult dogs, especially those with food intolerances, skin or intestinal sen..
66.35 CHF 69.90 CHF
Ex Tax:64.67 CHF
Royal Canin BHN English Bulldog 12kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 2962
Royal Canin Bulldog Adult dry dog food, from 1 year old.Suitable for dogs over 12 months old, ROYAL CANIN® Bulldog Adult is specially formulated with ..
83.80 CHF 104.90 CHF
Ex Tax:81.68 CHF
 Royal Canin FBN  Kitten Maine Coon 10kg
-20 %
Brand: Royal Canin Model: 2261
Maine Coon kittens up to 15 months old.ROYAL CANIN® Maine Coon Kitten food is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your kitten in mi..
103.80 CHF 129.90 CHF
Ex Tax:101.17 CHF
Brand: Leopet Model: 838134
These sausages are a convenient and tasty reward food for your dog, to be given as a supplement to his daily ration of food.   BEEF Compositio..
0.40 CHF
Ex Tax:0.39 CHF
Stream Hunde Regenmantel 50 cm yellow
-20 % Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Rukka Model: 002.0400200.0430.50
Bi-Elast PU/PES, wasser- und winddicht (10 000), elastisch, Klettverschluss an Bauch, verstellbar an Taille, einfaches An- und Ausziehen, reflektieren..
63.90 CHF 80.00 CHF
Ex Tax:59.11 CHF
Brand: Vitakraft Model: 25225
·      Natural product made of untreated softwood, 100 % compostable.·      Absorbent and ..
1.50 CHF
Ex Tax:1.46 CHF
Brand: Banzai-KM Model: 66478-50-08
Rock & Star 100% AcrylHalsteil dehnbar und mit 2 Knopföffnungen für mehr KomfortKlettverschluss für Vorderbein rechts  Artikel Nr.G..
29.90 CHF
Ex Tax:27.66 CHF
Carnilove Cat Adult Large Duck & Turkey 2kg
Shipping in about 5-7 days
Brand: Carnilove Model: HE170201
To stay fit at all times, adult cats need a protein-rich diet with a balanced content of amino acids. Carnilove Duck & Turkey for large breed ca..
27.90 CHF
Ex Tax:27.19 CHF
... In March 2016, Amico Animale moved to Rivera, increasing its sales area to 600 m2 with a grooming salon, a self-service washdog and an online shop with over 10,000 items available free of charge throughout Switzerland.Over 25 years of experience to help you in every phase of your 4-legged friend's life; from welcoming the puppy to the slightly more mature dog. Discover the wide range of products and accessories for your animals of any breed, age. On our site you can find food and accessories for all kinds of pets, food for dogs and cats, accessories, rodents, ferrets, turtles, fish.Everything you need for your pet, from hygiene products, pesticides to collars, harnesses, leashes, games. On our shelves you will find different flavors of dry food, wet food, snacks to offer to your animals according to food habits and nutritional needs. You can choose between dry croquettes and wet food, snacks for moments of training, play or for dental health, supplements, biscuits.Great range of accessories for bedtime and baby food too, going from games, walks and trips with your favorite. Comfortable cushions, kennels, beds, blankets, balls, kong, carry-overs, carriers, feed and water dispensers of all materials and colors!Here you will also find accessories for the cat, scratch-pullers, games, bunks, cat flaps, protective nets, litters, drawers, fountains, pet carriers.Rodents, birds, turtles and fish will find their special corner with all complete foods, mixtures, fodder, hays, snacks to gnaw, seeds, grains as well as all the necessary accessories, feeders, cages, drinkers, cages, aviaries, perches, perches and toys for all tastes.The shop's philosophy has always been to guarantee the customer savings and convenience with permanent discounts and promotional actions that are updated every week both on our website and directly in the shop.Thanks to competent staff for 30 years, we have followed loyal customers with targeted advice and advice, to make the moment of purchase unique and make you discover all the products available for your pets.Visit our Animal Friend shop in Rivera or enter our website.Our team will be happy to advise you!
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