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bogacare® FLEA POWDER Antiparasitic Cat 100 gr

  • Brand: Bogar
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bogacare® FLEA POWDER for cats is a plant-based powder containing a blend of margosa and pyrethrum. The plant-derived active substances interact to bring synergy effects, relieving your dog of fleas and preventing reinfestation. Also treat the environment, because only 5% of the flea population are found on the animal the remaining 95% allocate on the cat's pillow, carpet a.s.o.

Product benefits and effectiveness

  • New formula with 7% margosa (CO2-extracted) and 0.5% highly concentrated pyrethrum
  • Synergic effect of margosa and pyrethrum
  • Liberates your dog from fleas and protects from reinfestation


Sprinkle bogacare® FLEA POWDER evenly over the coat and rub it in down to the skin, working against the fur. Treat the whole body of your pet except for the mouth, nose and eyes. Start on the back and continue the treatment on the tail, belly and pows. Repeat the application process two to three times a week until your cat is free of parasites.

Recommendation: Continue the treatment for one further week thereafter, treat the environment with boga
clean® FLEA FOGGER or bogaclean® AMBIENT SPRAY.

100 gr

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