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Alternative 91% Pazifikthunfisch (55 g)

  • Brand: Almo Nature
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The best part of Almo Nature Alternative pet food production is that it???s the only pet food that certifies itsingredients originally fit for human consumption.

The cooking method is as follows: the fresh meat and fish are not pre-cooked but, inserted raw directly into their packaging (bain-marie cooking).

Alternative ??? Complementary food for cats ??? is available in 55g pouches.


The white meat, red meat, fish, vegetables and grains used in these recipes are suitable for the highest quality pet food

Natural, no chemical additives, preservatives or artificial colors

Supplementary food

Nutritional Advice

Cats belong to an order of strict carnivores that have the teeth of predators and a digestive system suited to absorb and make optimal use of proteins. In nature, the  cat???s diet consisted of different prey (mice, birds, fish), a prevalent source of protein and fat (in addition to fiber and other nutrients found in the digestive tract of this prey). Almo Nature???s advice for a balanced diet is to alternate between all types of fish and meatdry and wet food (60% and 40% respectively in volume) complementary and complete. Wet food is essential for a cat???s daily diet to support hydration and reduce the risk of urinary infections.

Manufacturer:Almo Nature
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